The Joy of Missing Out

Finding Balance in a Wired World

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The Joy of Missing Out is a highly praised book by Canadian author Christina Crook that reveals how the keys to our joy come from intentional connections and presence, not from our smartphones.

A Leading Voice on a More Human Relationship with Modern Technology

From the Harvard Business Review to Wired magazine, the global conversation is leading us back to the power of face-to-face communication. That's why executives and wellness programs around the world are turning to Christina Crook and The Joy of Missing Out to help find balance in their personal and professional lives.  

Christina Crook is an author and storyteller on a mission to show people overwhelmed by our digitally-saturated culture how to get a breath of fresh air and live with a sense of intentionality and joy.  Her 2015 book, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, which grew out of her own technology fast, has made her a leading voice in a growing movement towards a more human relationship with modern technology. Her cultural commentary on technology and daily life has appeared in print and on air from The New York Times to Psychology Today, NPR to CTV Morning News. 

She has addressed thousands of students, young adults and parents over the past several years, sharing with them how presence and peace can be found in the midst of the cacophony of the modern world. Christina also speaks at conferences and organizations across the country. She’s a personable and engaging speaker who shares her stories and wellness advice in a way that’s relevant, fun and uplifting.

In December of 2016, Christina launched Daily JOMO - a playful email prompt to get us away from screens and into good living. 

If you’d like to inspire your audience to thrive with tech,  buy the book and schedule Christina Crook for your next event.