The Joy of Missing Out

Finding Balance in a Wired World

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The Joy of Missing Out is a highly praised book by Canadian author Christina Crook that reveals how the keys to our joy come from intentional connections and presence, not from our smartphones.

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of a digital detox

The holidays are a natural time to digital detox, helping us set intentions for OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH DIGITAL IN 2016


How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
— Annie Dillard

Friends, the holiday break is nearly upon us. How I relish this season to slow, to draw close, to climb off the hamster wheel; to sit, sleep, snuggle and take stock. I love how We the North lay blanketed in a shock of white: an outer insulation stilling movement and sound. Simply, snow is quiet. 

I love how the world stops at the close of the year. I love how for this one brief moment, we give one other permission. To be. And what are we in our being? When did our being stop being enough? We are be-ings, after all, not do-ings, though our lives tell us different. 

Yes, I love the season of peace because it is an offering. It is an offer to pause long enough to listen. And what are we listening for? This season I urge you to listen for the answer to this question: What moves and sustains me most deeply? 

Our delights are signposts on the journey to life. The word delight is rooted in the word delectare, “to entice or allure away.” Our true delights, the most momentous, life-giving experiences of our lives, entice us down the best path.

It is joy that leads us home.




The holiday break is nearly upon us. 



1. Commit to a Digital Detox this holiday season. There is simply no easier time in the calendar year. Set apart a minimum of 2 days completely free from the web: no email, Netflix, or Instagram. Just you. Your loved ones. A board game, a book, or an afternoon skating. Pay attention to how you feel, jot those emotions down. Better (and easier) yet, do it with a friend. 

2. Pull out your Canon and point and shoot like it's 1995. Let your camera be a camera without all the bells and whistles. Notice the kinds of moments you capture, and how the camera sitting on the coffee table doesn’t cause your heart to palpitate like your iPhone. Don't capture your holiday moments for public consumption. Instead, hold them close.  

3. Find a New Home for your phone. Most people park their phones in their bedroom overnight. Instead of using your phone as an alarm clock, purchase a cheap one and set up a new charging location in another room. End the day with at least an hour of screen-free time, and start the day the same. These are sacred moments that set the course for your day. Use them wisely. 

4. Save Yourself from push notifications. The bings, pings and vibrations from your smartphone are killing you. Turn them off. Yes: Every. Single. One. Take back control of your life. Do it before January 1st. There will be no turning back.

5. Identify what Matters. What in the world sustains and moves you most deeply? Chances are, it’s not online. Name these things, write them down, and commit to pursuing them with all your heart in 2016. Life is too short. 

6. Read The Joy of Missing Out this holiday season, preparing you to ring in a technically productive and privately peaceful new year.



Christina Crook’s 2015 book The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World has made her a leading voice in a growing movement towards a more human relationship with modern technology. #JOMO reveals how the keys to our joy come from intentional connections and presence, not from our smartphones. As seen in The New York Times, Psychology Today, Utne Reader, NPR, CBC, CTV, and more. Crook is based in Toronto, Canada.