The Joy of Missing Out

Finding Balance in a Wired World

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The Joy of Missing Out is a highly praised book by Canadian author Christina Crook that reveals how the keys to our joy come from intentional connections and presence, not from our smartphones.

24 Hours in this Writer Life

24 hours:

Got up at 5am to walk to Starbucks to pitch an article to the Globe and Mail before Michael had to get in the shower at 7:15am.

NPR introduced me as a poet and my face just about spilt open with happiness.

THIS was me yesterday with my three precious darlings around 9:30am. And the precious Glennon Melton (Momastery) got me back on my feet.

My insanely wonderful neighbour (and writer) Katie Andrews showed up to hang with the kids at 10am so I could do a follow-up interview with the NY Times.

Made lunch. Naps. Brought three kids and one extra (whose mama had to travel to Chicago to help a seriously ailing friend) to gymnastics.

Made snow forts with left over drywall in the backyard.

Did the fifth load of dishes of the day and the house looks like someone opened their mouth and threw up toys and kleenexes.

Got rejected by the Globe and Mail for the fifth time by the same editor.

Starting to go back to 9:30am place.

Regrouped. Deep breathing. Prayer.

Chicken nuggets.

Michael home. Hugs. Deeper hugs.

Kiddos. Hugs. Deeper hugs.

Drove down to Ins Choi's book launch. Called my Uncle Leo for a much overdue talk. "I'm sorry I haven't been in touch much lately, that I missed you last time in Vancouver." Without missing a beat: "It's okay, Chris."

Tears. Tears.

Flat-out amazing turn-out at Ins' event. Side-splittig laughter with my friend Mari Choi. GOOD medicine.

More Michael hugs. BED.


This is it.  This is life.