The Joy of Missing Out

Finding Balance in a Wired World

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The Joy of Missing Out is a highly praised book by Canadian author Christina Crook that reveals how the keys to our joy come from intentional connections and presence, not from our smartphones.

Everything is better with friends

One of the greatest joys of writing this book was the opportunity to share the wisdom, personal experience and livelihoods of so many friends. 40 in total! 

Do you recognize any of these names?


Marisa Ducklow  (photo credit: Grace Groot)

Marisa Ducklow  (photo credit: Grace Groot)

Marisa Ducklow  (above) - my Letters from a Luddite partner, on too many pages to count.  

Suzanne Pringle - wonderful actor and writer sharing her wisdom on page 52.

Kim and Phil - thoughtful parents and good neighbours, page 162

Grandpa - who at the "ripe age of 75" got himself on the interwebs, page 37

Janine Vangool - inspiring colleague and founder of UPPERCASE magazine, page 40, 183.

Dad - my hero, page 42.

Aiden Enns - respected editor (and humble shit-disturber) at Geez magazine, page 63.

Matthew - beloved friend, Madeleine's godfather, page 73.

Vanbeer/Baker family - best neighbours a family could ask for. Though not mentioned by name, you are all over these pages, particularly page 81.

Renee - our knight in shining armour, page 82, 95.

Marieke - page 82.

SFU rowing team - page 82-4.

Greg Pennoyer - page 85.

Esther Emery - kindred spirit, picked me up on the internet, page 86.

Alexandra Leikermoser - aka YogaYurl, page 89.

Nick - page 94.

Alyssa Bistonath - genius photographer and church bud, page 97. 

Mom - my hero. Everywhere, but specifically 98 and 100.

William - page 100.

Eva Danielson - page 101, 121.

Avital - my brilliant, book-lending friend, page 102, 133.


Nathan Lim and Avital Kline  (Photo Credit: Grace Groot)

Nathan Lim and Avital Kline  (Photo Credit: Grace Groot)

Hoda - the bravest woman I know, page 102.

Megan - bestie, bestest, page 102.

My sister Kristen - page 103.

Caroline Senger - page 107.

Lisa - the first real live ballerina I ever did meet, page 110.

Alexa - page 114.

Lisa Ferguson - founder of Strengths Mentor (get thee hence to her site!) page 115.

Nadine Silverthorne - smart lady, cute shoes, page 117.

Cousin Liz - page 119.

Sarah Waters - page 119.

The Cowpers - my adopted family, page 122.

Aunt Astrid van Vieren - page 132, 164.

Jen (Pollock Michel) - thinking, writing friend who introduced me to the work of Dr. Read Schuchardt, page 132.

Andy Johnson - whose choice to leave journalism to pursue woodworking inspired many pages, starting on 149.

Jessalyn Hynds - astute teacher and church bud, page 164.

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Dr. Karyn Gordon - brilliant go-getter, mama of twin boys, page 168.

Jocelyn Durston - farmer who embodies these words: "Whatever you can do, or think you can do, begin it; For boldness has power and magic and genius in it.” ~ Goethe, page 181.

Chris Alscher - page 203.