The Joy of Missing Out

Finding Balance in a Wired World

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The Joy of Missing Out is a highly praised book by Canadian author Christina Crook that reveals how the keys to our joy come from intentional connections and presence, not from our smartphones.

#Untrending: How to Post, Tweet & Like your Way to a More Meaningful Life

Today I want to tell you about a tiny book that I love called #Untrending: A Field Guide to Social Media that Matters. It's written by my friend and colleague Vicki Mcleod and it's a little piece of genius. 

Vicki has been a business coach for decades. When social media debuted, she became an expert in online marketing, helping clients market themselves as strategically and effectively as possible. After a few years she noticed something: the web was swallowing her clients whole.  

She writes: "Most of us are using personal social media in our spare time. Oh yes, I can hear you now - digital marketers and social media managers - "Not me! It's my job. I have to be on the feed all of the time.""

Uh huh.

"Your market, peeps. The audience you are trying to reach is just a bunch of folks sadly squeezing all their spare time onto screens and devices, looking to be informed, educated, enlightened or entertained."

She continues, "Dr. Gottman, one of North America's foremost relationship experts, says that to sustain a healthy relationship our interactions need to have a positivity ratio of 5-to-1. That means five positive interactions to one negative one."

Check your feeds. What's your positivity to negativity ratio? 

Her advice: Put your best foot forward. (See the TOMS in the photo?) The Internet never forgets. Our collective posts on social media are a kind of "Museum of Me." They tell our story.

What kind of story do we want to be telling?

#Untrending is a mini manifesto. It calls us to live well and live awake.With wit and wisdom, Vicki McLeod challenges us to take the long view on our online engagements, revealing how our small acts - each of our daily choices - shape our stories and the lives of those around us. It is both weighty and light, like Vicki herself and I highly recommend it.

You can find #Untrending here. Buy it. You can read it in a lunch hour and, I promise, it'll be the best lunch hour on the books.

Here's a photo of Vicki and I after we presented together at the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference. We like each other.

We have a favourite motto: More, please. Whenever you find yourself in a moment -- a really good moment -- whisper: "MORE, PLEASE."

More of this, please. 


P.S. Don't forget you can purchase #UNTRENDING here. (Bonus: The book has little illustrations to colour throughout!)