The Joy of Missing Out

Finding Balance in a Wired World

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The Joy of Missing Out is a highly praised book by Canadian author Christina Crook that reveals how the keys to our joy come from intentional connections and presence, not from our smartphones.

Christina's commentary on a more human relationship with modern technology appears regularly in national and international media. 

"The crush of Internet fodder makes it hard to escape, even if you try. Christina Crook, the author of The Joy of Missing Out, published in February, stayed offline for a month in 2012 but still found popular culture seeping into her conversations. “The big stories, people are talking about them,” Ms. Crook said. “If there was a story in the wider culture, it wasn’t like I was missing out.” Indeed, her lack of knowledge only played to the ego of her more connected friends. “Most people want to feel in the know,” she said. "I just became comfortable feeling silly."" 

- Laura Holson, The New York Times